About Calle Libre


We are a festival for urban aesthetics.

URKU, Ottensheim 2019

Calle Libre is a festival for urban aesthetics that brings together today’s contemporary forms of graffiti and other forms of street art onto curated walls throughout the city.

Through artistic interventions, we encourage a dialogue between the public and the artists. We want cultural perspectives, personal opinions and artistic views to be expressed freely.

We believe we can achieve this through a colorful, engaging and expressive yearly public festival.

We also offer workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions, urban art tours and evening events to create a dialogue and exchange of ideas focused around street art and urban aesthetics.

Over the past years, we have attracted over 16,000 visitors from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our goal was that of showing a different side of street art, aside from the “writings” or “bombings” often identified as vandalism by the wider public. Through our festival we could inform a wider audience on the nature, proportion and potential of street art as a form of art.

Zesar Bahamonte Calle Libre 2018

5 years of calle libre

Zësar Bahamonte, Calle Libre 2018